Some of My Best Friends Are Straight

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Sometimes I wonder why we treat nonstandard sleep schedules like they’re some kind of disease instead of making accommodations for them. Why do we have to force ourselves to fall asleep at a “decent hour” so that we can wake early in the morning? Why not just sleep when we naturally get sleepy  and wake when we’re able?

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    Jobs tend to fck with the “sleep when sleepy” bit. Its annoying….
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    I’ve had a nonstandard sleep schedule for years. We expect people to have different personalities, desires, and needs....
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    The bolding is mine. Because I think that’s where the majority of the problem lies. Society expects “everyone” to have a...
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    This is something I have always had problems with. People’s expectations that is, I remember this is something I had to...
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    I also have lived with a weird sleep schedule, getting shit for it for years and people telling me to just “go to bed...
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    I’ve gotten a lot of slack for my funky, ever changing sleep schedule, but the only thing I have to add that is when I...